Warhammer Arcane Magic

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Warhammer Arcane Magic Box


Warhammer Arcane Magic was the name of the second Magic supplement for the 4th Edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles and an expansion to Warhammer Battle Magic.

It was first published in 1992 by Games Workshop Ltd. and was sold in a Box, which was named Warhammer Arcane Magic.

Warhammer Arcane Magic Rulebook

The Content of that Box included:

  • 1 Warhammer Arcane Magic rulebook
  • 135 Spell Cards
  • 111 Magic Item Cards
  • 36 Magic Cards
  • 10 Card Templates
  • 12 Warp Tokens
  • 6 Doom Counters
  • 36 Other Assorted Counters

Content of the Book

Authors, Artists and Coworkers

During the production of this book, the following persons were involved considerably:

Additional information

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