Winds of Magic (WFRP)

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Winds of Magic (WFRP)
Winds of Magic cover.JPG
Cover Artist Daarken
Released 2010
Pages 48

The Winds of Magic is a Supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (3rd Edition).


  • Chapter One: The Roots of Magic
  • Chapter Two: The Great Colleges
  • Chapter Three: College Hierarchy
  • Chapter Four: Exotic Magic Disciplines
  • Chapter Five: Expanded Magic Rules
  • Chapter Six: Playing a Wizard


I apologise that I cannot recall your name. However, it is hardly my fault, as you are my third apprentice already this year. I’m only telling you this because you’re a fellow practitioner of the art, is that understood? I’ll hold you to our order’s strictest oaths of confidence, I mean it. I have noticed your talent for inventive rituals and cantrips, nothing I’ve not seen before let me assure you, but you’ve an undeniable creative flair. Try not to employ that flair anymore.

Gavius Klugge, Master of secrets and things unseen.