Realms of Sorcery (2nd Edition)

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Realms of Sorcery (2nd Edition)
Realms of Sorcery (2nd Edition) cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Ralph Horsley
Released 2005
Pages 256
ISBN 978-1-84416-268-0
Preceded by Realms of Sorcery (1st Edition)

Realms of Sorcery (2nd Edition) is an extensive and comprehensive source book on magic and those who use it for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition).


  • Easy Meat, a short story by Robert Earl, pg. 4-10
  • Introduction, pg. 11-14
  • Chapter One: The Origins and History of Magic, pg. 15-30
  • Chapter Two: The Nature of Magic, pg. 31-50
  • Chapter Three: Magic and Imperial Society, pg. 51-60
  • Chapter Four: The Imperial Colleges of Magic, pg. 61-124
  • Chapter Five: Of Witches and Witch Hunters, pg. 125-136
  • Chapter Six: Magical Lore, pg. 137-182
  • Chapter Seven: Magical Tools, pg. 183-208
  • Chapter Eight: Rune Magic, pg. 209-218
  • Chapter Nine: A Brutal Finish, pg. 219-247
  • Designer’s Notes
  • Appendix: Reference Tables
  • Index


Best to burn ‘em all, ‘cept the fire wizards. Them yer need to drown.

~ Old Hob, Averland peasant.