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Zanbaijin, the Fallen City is a ruined city on the blasted plateau of K'datha often sought by Champions of Chaos. [1a]


It is older than mankind. [1a]

Mortal followers of the Gods of Chaos have for many years used the ruins as a arena to combt each other and prove themselves to their patrons. Those that are defeated and survive must serve the victor whose fame will quickly spread through the northern Chaos Wastes. [1a]

Three great armies nade war in the shadows of the twisted pillars of the city led by three mighty champions - Hakka the Aesling, Sargath the Vain and Urak Soulbane. For many days they fought, with other warbands joining the fight all the time until, as Morrslieb rose, a new horde arrived under Tamurkhan, the Maggot Lord. Tamurkhan and his horde defeated each of the other Champions and by right of conquest, the survivors pledged themselves to him. [1a]