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Sargath the Vain, Horse-lord of the Yurtsak was a Chaos Lord of Slaanesh [1a]


He had become a legend amongst his own people leading his mounted reavers as he sought to sate his unnatural appetites. [1a]

He sought the ancient ruins of Zanbaijin tp prove himself in battle before the gods and there his horde fought the armies of Hakka the Aesling and Urak Soulbane. They fought for several days until Morrslieb rose heralding the arrival of a fourth Champion, Tamurkhan [1a]

The very skies were torn open and caustic rain began to fall, miring the cavalry and causing open wounds to quickly fester. Although Sargath's sorcerers attempted to counter the oncoming horde of Nurgle, their cunning illusions and blinding balls of energy were not enough. [1a]

Sargath, angry and outraged, charged into the forces of Nurgle at the head of his knights, slaughtering their through before the two champions faced each other. Bubelos blasted foulness at the oncoming devotee of Slaanesh but although his mount was liquefied, Sargath lept onto the Toad Dragons head and thrust his runesword into the heart of Tamurkhan. [1a]

However, the Champion of Nurgle merely laughed, his true form of a child sized magot emerging from the corpse and leaping at Sargath's exposed throat, before tearing into his rib-cage and devouring the organs within. The corpse of Sargath slowly fell into the mire below.[1a]

Horde of Sargath

Weapons and Equipment

He favoured a Runesword. [1a]


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