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Akatha was the last Witch of the Forsaken. [1a]

She walked two paces behind and to the left of the Warlord. [2a]


A tall, dark-haired woman with a narrow, pointed face and large eyes. [1b] After her Warlords submission to Nagashshe wore ashes in her tighly braided hair and refused to adopt civilisedatire, keeping her leather and wool robes. [2a] She later wore charms of yellowed bone in her braids and arcane symbols painted on her arms and cheeks. [2b]


She was born around -1375 IC and had at least two sisters. [1a]

She fought against the forces of Nagash in -1350 helping to defend the last stronghold of her people, Maghur'kan. During the battle two of her sister died defending the main gate and she only survived a sorcerous bolt from the Great Necromancer when a champion stepped before her, sacrificing himself for her. [1a]

Seeing no alternative and having seen a defiant champion devoured alive by the now degenerate Yaghur, she advised the last warlord of her people, Bragadh Maghur'kan to surrender and save their people. He obeyed her and with him she marched to Nagashizzar to begin their service to Nagash. [1b]

She immediately began sending visions of the vast amounts of warpstone to the skaven, seeking to bring them and enact vengence on her new master. [2c]

Nagash gave her the Elixir of Life to extend her period of usefulness. [2b]

In -1285 IC, as Nagash launched a last desperate attack on the Skaven leaders, Akatha blasted him with a death-bolt, nearly destroying him. However the necromancer weathered the magics of both her and the Grey Seer Qweeqwol and animated dozens of the skaven dead to attack her. Although she destroyed many, they finally tore her head off. [2c]