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Bloodsedge is a dangerous plant. [1a]

To the unwary, Bloodsedge appears to be nothing more than an ordinary tree or shrub but when a creature draws near, it will flail out with its branches, grab hold of it and drag it to the trunk. Once there it will secrete an acid to turn its prey into fertiliser. [1b]


The Border Princes are a flat and ragged land. Our wagons had been riding for days without hint of a suitable place to settle when the wolf riders appeared. I knew there were was no way we could outrun them. It seemed our only hope was a copse of trees and shrubs ahead, in the middle of the plain... but not to use as cover. I recognised them from my time in the Laurelorn, and directed the train to seer around them. The Goblins, seeing their chance, spread out and came straight through the copse of Bloodsegdes at us. Only a single, riderless wolf made it out of the other side alive.

~ Ottaline, Outrider. [1a]