WFRP Companion

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WFRP Companion
WFRP Companion cover 001.jpg
Cover Artist Ozan Art
Released 2006
Pages 128
ISBN 978-1-84416-310-6

The WFRP Companion is a sourcebook for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) covering a variety of topics.


  • Introduction, pg. 3
  • A Guide to the Known World, pg. 3-10
  • Life in the Empire
    • Chapter One: Freaks, Thieves and Travelling Folk, pg. 11-19
    • Chapter Two: Life and Death on the Reik, pg. 20-28
    • Chapter Three: Advanced Trade and Commerce, pg. 29-45
    • Chapter Four: Star Signs and Their Meanings, pg. 46-52
    • Chapter Five: Medicine in the Empire, pg. 53-60
    • Chapter Six: Social Conflict, pg. 61-70
  • A Larger World
    • Chapter Seven: Sartosa, City of Pirates, pg. 72-78
    • Chapter Eight: Tobaro, City of Sirens, City of Fools, pg. 79-86
  • Organisations and Encounters
    • Chapter Nine: The Cult of Illumination, pg. 88-92
    • Chapter Ten: Pub Crawling, pg. 93-98
    • Chapter Eleven: Bring up the Guns! The Imperial Gunnery School of Nuln, pg. 99-105
    • Chapter Twelve: Gugnir’s Blacpowder Shop, pg. 106-109
  • Chapter Thirteen: Perilous Beasts: Amoebae, Behemoth, Bloodsedge, Bog Octopi, Chameleoleeches, Doppelgangers, Mermaids, Naiads, Patchwork Men, Promethean, Reik Eels, Spites, Stirpikes, Tendrophilus Fungus, Treekin, Triton,
  • Index


So you see, everything you think you know about the Empire is suspect. If someone tells you that he knows the real story about something, ask him if he was there, if he actually saw it. If he says no, then be careful what you believe because his odds of knowing the way of it are slimmer than a Reik Eel. If he says yes, then be even more careful, because nine times out of ten he’s lying. The question isn’t whether or not a fellow is telling lies, it’s whether he’s telling them out of ignorance or because he stands to gain from the deception. There is no truth, there is no one correct story….. except, of course, this one.