Death on the Reik Companion

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Death on the Reik Companion
Death on the Reik Companion cover.jpg
Author(s) Jim Bambra, Graeme Davis, Claus Thorn Ekström, Phil Gallagher, Andy Law, Ciaran O'Brien
Editor(s) Jonathan Oliver, Síne Quinn, Christopher Walz
Cover Artist Jonathan O’Donoghue
Illustrator(s) Jerome Huguenin, Mark Gibbons, Andy Law, Victor Leza, Sam Manley, Clara-Marie Morin, Mitchell Nolte, JG O’Donoghue, Scott Purdy, Erin Rea, Matteo Spirito, Giacomo Tappanier
Released 2020
Pages 125
Followed by Death on the Reik (4th Edition)

Death on the Reik Companion adds to the second part of The Enemy Within Campaign for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.

It updates the third part of the original campaign: Death on the Reik.


  • Preface, pg. 3
    • Guest Commentaries, pg. 4
  • Chapter 1: Easter Eggs, pg. 7
  • Chapter 2: Herbs and their Uses, pg. 8
  • Chapter 3: Deleted Scenes, pg. 17
  • Chapter 4: The Empire's Rivers, pg. 23
  • Chapter 5: River Navigation, pg. 28
  • Chapter 6: The Imperial River Patrol, pg. 34
  • Chapter 7: Fellow Travellers, pg. 38
  • Chapter 8: Riverfolk, pg. 50
  • Chapter 9: The Imperial Semaphore Service, pg. 61
  • Chapter 10: Deck it Out, pg. 64
  • Chapter 11: Trading Rules, pg. 70
  • Chapter 12: Wreckers, Smugglers & Pirates, pg. 79
  • Chapter 13: A River Bestiary, pg. 85
  • Chapter 14: Waterborne Diseases, pg. 91
  • Chapter 15: The Red Crown, pg. 94
  • Chapter 16: The Emperor Luitpold, pg. 102
  • Chapter 17: Vengeance of the Gravelord, pg. 114


This series of books presents additional and supplementary material of various kinds: to continue the ‘Director’s Cut’ metaphor, it might be regarded as the ‘DVD Extras’ that used to be found on special-edition DVDs, in the days before streaming. Grognards will remember them: they usually included commentaries from the director and other key personnel; extended and deleted scenes, ‘behind the scenes’ documentaries, and other material for the true fan and collector

~ Preface by Graeme Davis.[1]