Emperor Luitpold

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This article is about the Emperor. You may be looking for his grandson, Crown Prince Luitpold.

Emperor Luitpold was a former ruler of The Empire, and the father and predecessor of Karl Franz. Precious little is known about him.


He was the father of at least one son, Karl-Franz, and a daughter[*]. It is very likely that his grandson, Prince Luitpold - Karl Franz's son and heir-apparent - was named after him.

Emperor Luitpold was prone to seeing spirits[1a] and was always concerned about his son's safety[1b]. Karl-Franz fondly remembers his father as a domestic tyrant, juggling the equally difficult tasks of ruling the Empire and being the head of a family[1c]

He refused to support Oswald's plan to infiltrate Castle Drachenfels to kill Constant Drachenfels. Shamed by Oswald's success, the emperor later sent an army detachment to cleanse the castle. Initially wanting to raze it to the ground he changed his plans at Oswald's request.[1d]

The date of his death is unclear; it must have been shortly before the succession of his son Karl Franz who was elected and crowned in 2502 IC.Needs Citation


* Grey Seer Thanquol planned to manipulate Fritz von Halstadt, the chief of Nuln's secret police into arresting Karl Franz's "brother-in-law", who logically would be married to Karl Franz's sister.[2]