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Pirates, Corsairs, Buccaneers and other wolves of the sea can be found on the oceans and rivers of the world.

Notable Bands, Captains and their ships


  • Jolie Rouge or the Bloody Flag: A plain red flag and the sign of no quarter or mercy. [1b]
  • Pirate Marks or the Black: Designs on a black background that warned a victim ship to give over without a fight, or informed another pirate of a fellow. If a pirate displayed his black before an attack and you surrendered without a fight, he was obliged to show mercy. [1b]


The Norse are infamous raiders and marauders and happy to indulge in piracy when the opportunity arises or they have fallen on hard times. Even those who have a good relationship with a tribe may fall victim to the same tribe at sea. Old Worlders, even those who live in the north, seldom regard them as Pirates, considering the traditional archetypal pirate as being Tilean. [4a]

The Cross

Pirate captains do not usually carry their riches with them but often bury them and keep a private and often coded chart. On that chart is a cross, an X, which marks the location of his buried trove. When a captain reaches the end of his career on the waves, he and his crew sail for that cross uncover the riches and share them out, a portion to every man as befits his duty, service and rank. [1i]

Jeremiah Tusk set sail for his Cross with his crew, and he was the first such captain that Luka Silvaro had ever known to retire. [1i]


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