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Any Quotes from followers of Chaos go here:


"Our Lord demands Blood; We shall not fail to bring it for him"

+++ Azyrneth's Skullreavers +++ [1]


"I hear they have found The Blade of Kyral-Tor, fetch me this sword - the ancient doom shall soon be forged anew."

+++ D'Aggorn the Exalted +++ [2]



"Burn! Burn with the fires of Change! Scream your hymns to Tzeentch!"

+++ Tal'gatha the Fallen +++ [3]

I have returned, father, to claim my birthright and my destiny. Once you spared me death, such was your folly. I shall not make the same mistake. By right of bith and conquest I claim leadership of the Khazag in the name of the true gods.

+++ Speech of Tarok before killing his own Father with one deadly blow+++ [4]


Run. You cannot hide from doom.

+++ The Skulltaker to Nhaa Khagan.+++ [5]