Sigmar's Blood

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Sigmar's Blood
Sigmar's Blood cover.JPG
Released 2012

Sigmar's Blood is a campaign book for Warhamemr Fantasy Battles 8th Edition. [1]


  • Introduction, pg. 3
  • The Dying Light, pg. 4
    • Map of the Vale of Darkness, pg. 6
  • The Midnight Hunt, pg. 8
  • The Parley of Blades, pg. 22
  • The Hidden Necropolis, pg. 28
  • The Battle of the Barrows, pg. 38
  • The Black Fate of Sylvania, pg. 46
  • The Armies Assembled, pg. 48
  • Rules of Battle, pg. 58
  • Summary, pg. 64


The Vampire Mannfred von Carstein has plunged Sylvania into endless night, casting a powerful spell of darkness as he prepares to usher in an age of undeath. The Cult of Sigmar moves to stop him, led by the Grand Theogonist himself, Volkmar the Grim. Yet they may already be too late.....

~ Introduction.[1]