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Trystan is the court bard of Plennydd, part of Morien, one of the islands that make up Albion. [1a]


Strong and resilient, he stands nearly 6 feet in height with brown hair and eyes. [1a]


As a boy he was friends with the boy who would become king, Herla. [1a]


He has a little magical power from his Druidic affiliation. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 1st: Longbow, Staff, Sword. [1b]


When I play the Great Harp on Samain Day I must use my magic, such as it is, to apply the balm of music to all the wounds that have opened since Lugnasad - and we must use ordinary means, too, to speak of friendship and loyalty, to make all those who have nearly succeeded in forgetting Agam's Code to remember its authority

~ Trystan. [1a]


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