Petty Magic

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Glowing Light spell

Petty Magic is the least powerful Lore of Magic. [1a]

It is the first form of magic that spellcasters are taught and that even Hedge Witches and Wizards usually discover by trail and error. [1a]


  • Blot: Mops up to a half pint of spilled liquid. [3a]
  • Butterfingers/Drop: A nearby person can be forced to drop a single item they are holding. [3a][1a]
  • Cunning Hand: increases the manual dexterity of the wizard. [3a]
  • Cure Boils: Removes unsightly skin conditions but does not treat what causes them. [3a]
  • Curse: A minor curse such as boils, piles, smelly feet or baldness is inflicted upon a victim who fails to resist the spell. [4a]
  • Danger Sense: The caster has a sith sense for danger for the short duration of the spell. [3a]
  • Dark Sight: The caster gains night vision. [3a]
  • Find: A single lost object can be located within a short distance. [3a]
  • Flight of Amar: The caster is able to float for a few seconds at a random height and at the mercy of any wind. [3a]
  • Ghost Step: No tracks are left by the caster for an hour. [1b]
  • Gift of Tongues: The caster can speak and understand any language they can hear. [4a]
  • Glowing Light: An item is made to glow for a hour. [1a][4a]
  • Gust: A light breath of wind blows through the area. [1b]
  • Ill Fortune: A touched item is cursed. [1b]
  • Knock Down: The Caster can attempt to make a human-sized creature fall over. [3a]
  • Magic Alarm: Should a living creature pass within 1 yard of the spot the spell is cast on it alerts the caster. However no details are transmitted to the wizard. [4a]
  • Magic Dart: A bolt of magical energy is flung at an enemy. [1a]
  • Magic Flame: A tiny bluish fire is created. [1a][4a]
  • Magic Lock: A lock that has this spell cast upon it can never be picked or forced open but the object it is locking can be destroyed. [4a]
  • Marsh Lights: Several distant lights form which can be dispatched in different directions. [1a][4a]
  • Mend: A broken and inanimate item can be temporarily repaired if it could be mended normally. [3a]
  • Open: Any bolt, lock or latch within 1 yard is unlocked but it has no effect on a magical lock or similar. [4b]
  • Petty Animal Healing: The minor wounds of a normal animal can be tended to. [3a]
  • Petty Beastfriend: A small creature (no larger than a dog) becomes friendly towards the caster. [3a]
  • Petty Healing: A lightly wounded person can have their injuries tended to. [3a]
  • Produce Small Creature: A small creature such as a mouse, dove, or rabbit is conjured. [4b]
Protection from Rain
  • Protection from Rain: For an hour, rain and similar precpitation can no touch the caster. [1b][4b]
  • Rat Poison: Makes an food item fatal to any mouse or rat that eats it, making Skaven a little hero. [3a]
  • Read Out: Reads out the text of a book, scroll or other document but once begun, it will not stop and it does not translate to another language. [3a]
  • Reinforce Door: A door is made much tougher and harder to break open. [4b]
  • Remove Curse: The caser can rid the target of the effects of a Curse spell. [4b]
  • Repel Small Creature: A single small creature fears the caster. [3a]
  • Sharp Eyes: Increases the casters visual perception. [3a]
  • Shock: A touched enemy is stunned. [1b]
  • Sleep: One person who is touched falls asleep for a few moments. [1a][4b]
  • Sounds: A phantom noise is created. [1a][4c]
  • Stealth: Makes the caster harder to hear and see. [3a]
  • Weaken Poison: Reduces the effects of a does of poison. [3a]
  • Zone of Cold: A 12 yard diameter area where the temperature is lowered by 10 degrees. If the caster moves or another Zone touches it, the Zone of Cold is dispelled. [4c]
  • Zone of Friendliness: A 12 year diameter area where people feel better disposed towards the caster. [3a]
  • Zone of Silence: No sound can pass in or out of the 12 yard diameter Zone. [4c]
  • Zone of Tastiness: An area that makes food taste better. [3a]
  • Zone of Warmth: The opposite effect of the Zone of Cold Spell, raising the temperature withhin the Zone by 10 degrees. [4c]
  • Zone of Windlessness:' Area where wind speed is lessened by 10 miles per hour. [3a]

Skaven Petty magic

  • Favour: Slightly boosts the luck of the caster or removes the Favour of the Horned Rat from a rival skaven. [2a]
  • Ghostly Flame: A small ball of green fire that drips viscous fluid and which can be hurled at a enemy. [2a]
  • Mark of the Horned Rat: Another creature gains a open weeping sore on their forehead for a number of hours. Often used for messengers. [2a]
  • Rat Thrall: A brown rat is summoned and must obey for several hours. [2a]
  • Vector: The target becomes less resistant to disease. [2a]
  • Wrack: An enemy experiences a sudden jolt of pain. [2a]


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