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The genealogy and membership of the von Diehl family is unclear. Known members include:

[1][2][3]: He murdered his master under unknown circumstances only to be expelled from Vanhaldenschlosse by a group of knights apparently led by his victim's ghost . Lothar's ultimate fate is unknown.

  • Another (?) Lothar von Diehl who was the student of Professor Gerhardt Kleinhoffer, Lector in Magical Arts at the University of Nuln[4]: He manipulated his master into a terrible fate. It's unknown, yet possible, that this character and Frederick van Hal's apprentice are the same person.

Around 2500 IC a family with the surname von Diehl ruled the Barony of The Vennland Marches, which included at least a village called Diehlendorf. Of northern origins, they worshipped Ulric, unlike their neighbours who tend to worship Sigmar. Using this religious difference as an excuse, relatives of the Countess Emmanuelle von Liebwitz seized their lands. The countess later sentenced the von Diehls into exile.

Trying to re-establish themselves in the Border Princes, the entire family perished at the Battle of the Fort Von Diehl. Known members of this family were:

  • An unnamed von Diehl[5]: A devout person, who burned several witches and mutants. He had three sons and he and his family were cursed by a witch called Irina Trask. Shortly thereafter he was killed by a pack of beastmen.
  • Kurt von Diehl (eldest son)[6]: His two younger brother rebelled against him and usurped his inheritance. He fled north and vanished in the Chaos Wastes, becoming a champion of Khorne.
  • Unnamed von Diehl (second-eldest son) [5]: Married Katarina von Wittgenstein. He disappeared shortly after the birth of his son Manfred von Diehl. Katarina died shortly after the delivery.
  • Gottfried von Diehl (the youngest of the three brothers) [5]: The last Baron of the Vennland marshes, sentenced into exile by Emmanuelle von Liebwitz.
  • Manfred von Diehl [5]: A brilliant but also blasphemous playwright. He would discover his father's true fate.
  • Dieter [5]: A bastard son of the unnamed second-eldest son (i.e.: Dieter is Manfred's half-brother). His mother, Frau Winter, was a licensed wizard.

It is unknown if other von Diehls live elsewhere in The Empire.


  • It is possible, but a bit unlikely, that the two (?) Lothar von Diehl's are completely unrelated to the others, sharing only the surname.