Warp Gate

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The Warp Gates were vast magical portals created by the Old Ones to allow the Slann and their servants to move to other worlds. [1a]

They were placed at the two poles of the world and each was larger than a mountain. [1b]


Long before they came to the world, the Old Ones had learnt of the Realm of Chaos and tapped into its limitless energy, even opening gateways into the heart of the aether which allowed almost instant travel through the depths of interstellar space. A great number of these Warp Gates were created on many worlds to connect their vast cosmic empire. [1b]

However the inhabitants of the Realm of Chaos began to gather at the gateways and whisper to the mortals of the world, corrupting them and drawing them into their worship. As more and more were drawn into worshipping them, pressure began to build on the gates until suddenly in -5600 IC [1c] they imploded and then ripped a hole in reality, revealing the Realm of Chaos beyond and beginning the Coming of Chaos. [1b]

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