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You weaklings know nothing of courage. To become a man, I had to hunt the elusive Ymir and kill it in single combat. These creatures are a hundred-feet tall and covered in piss-soaked white fur. A single swipe of its claws would cut through a hundred of your mewling warriors. But I, I, Horgred the Bloody, butchered the Ymir with nothing but my fists. I tore its massive head from its shoulders and carried it back to my village, sustaining myself on its hot blood. What... you call me a liar?

-Horgred the Bloody, Norse Berserker[1a]

The creatures called Ymir or Jeti[2] are an offshoot race of Beastmen adapted to Norsca. Unlike most of their Beastman counterparts, Ymir are generally solitary creatures, but share their relatives’ cunning hunting skills and exclusive predation on Humans.[1b]


Standing just over seven feet tall and weighing 300 pounds, Ymir possess a formidable physical presence. Their bodies are covered in thick, shaggy, white hair, with a noticeable yellowish hue towards their lower body. The pungent aroma of sour milk and rotten flesh accompanies these creatures, making their presence unmistakable. Frozen chunks of blood and flesh often cling to their fur, which they can rip off and eat during times of scarcity.[1b]

Ymir lack a formal language and communicate through guttural growls and grunts. Their solitary nature is further emphasized by the infrequent meetings with others of their kind, occurring mainly for the purpose of producing offspring. Despite their lack of language, Ymir are actually capable of speech, and can understand the Dark Tongue.[1b]

They are expert climbers with keen senses, enabling them to navigate their surroundings with exceptional agility. Their ability to see in the dark and adeptness at concealing themselves from view make them formidable predators. Ymir are known for their skill in tracking prey without being seen, which makes it even more frightening when they are noticed. Apart from their albino appearance, bestial features, claws, and thick, blade-resistant fur, Ymir may exhibit additional mutations. These variations contribute to the mystique surrounding these creatures, adding an element of unpredictability to their encounters.[1b]

Cultural Significance in Norsca

In the frozen lands of Norsca, legends of these great, white-furred beasts abound, the details varying among Norseman tribes. These myths find validation in Dwarfen accounts, where warriors of Kraka Drak tell of encounters with similar monsters, much to the disbelief of their southern kin.[2] For the Norsemen, Ymir play a crucial role in the rites of passage for aspiring warriors. Young hopefuls venture into the harsh winter landscapes, braving snowstorms and freezing winds to track down and face these formidable creatures in combat. Those who succeed in returning with a Ymir's head earn a special place of recognition within their tribe, symbolizing their prowess as warriors and adoption by their Jarl. However, failure in this perilous endeavor often results in the aspirant not returning at all. While not all Norscan tribes adopt this rite of passage, it remains a common and revered tradition among many especially in the east.[1a][1b][2]