Kraka Drak

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Kraka Drak, the Dragon Hold, is the wealthiest and largest of the Norse Dwarf holds [1]

One of the four great holds of the Norse Dwarves, the others being: Kraka Dorden, Kraka Ornsmotek and Kraka Ravnsvake. [1a]

Located near the coast, the hold, like the others of the Norse Dwarves has a Great Hall above the ground which is used for feasting and in better times for audiences with the local humans. It has its own harbour at Sjoktraken on the Drakesfjord and via the Ungruvalk, the underground link to the River Dypvann, can move its longships to the Sea of Claws. [1a]

In IC 2510, it had a population of approximately 15,000 adult dwarves whilst there are about 950 at Sjoktraken, the sea port and the two subsidary settlements of Khazid Ravik and Grung Kuldungor have 84 and 47 respectively. [1b]

It is here that the annual Althing of the Ancestors (Throngim Gromthi) is held, along with the Feast of Grungni (Guzulmor Grungni} and dwarves from across Norsca come to discuss both important matters and any disputes or threats. [1a]


It was raided by Ikit Claw who sought engineers to enslave. [2a]


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