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There are many languages in the Warhammer world. Many are written but some of them are only spoken.

List of languages


  • Dark Tongue or Black Speech is the potent language of Chaos. It is used by cultists and followers of Chaos.
    • Beast Tongue, spoken by the Beastmen, is a dialect of the Dark Tongue.



The Elves speak various forms of Eltharin and related languages.


  • Oldworlder is a group of related languages and dialects spoken in the Old World.
    • Albion is spoken in the island of Albion.
    • Breton, sometimes referred to as Bretonnian, is spoken in Bretonnia.
    • Classical Old Worlder, or simply Classical, is a dead language, but is still used by academics. It is used in mottoes and found in many ancient texts.
    • Reikspiel is spoken in The Empire and also in the Wasteland.
    • Estalian is spoken in Estalia.
    • Tilean is spoken in Tilea.
    • Slavic or Kislevarin is spoken in Kislev.
  • Cathan is the language of the administrative classes of Cathay.


The Lizardmen speak Saurian [2], a language divided into 4 specialized dialects.

  • Slann is spoken by the Slann [3], and also understood by the Skinks. The Skinks record the rare commands of the Slann and then debate about their precise meaning.
  • Skinkian is spoken by the Skinks [4], who are able to speak all Lizardmen languages. Very intelligent Skinks are also capable of learning human languages although their ability of pronouncing them is somewhat impaired.
  • Crude Saurian is spoken by the Saurus [5]. It is the most limited and simplified dialect, consisting of about 50 words. Most of its vocabulary deals with martial matters.
  • The Kroxigor speak the lowest dialect [6]. Their vocabulary deals with construction and war, and many terms are interchangeable.

Orcs & Goblins

  • Goblin Tongue (Goblinoid languages)


  • Queekish is spoken by the Skaven. Every Skaven clan speaks its own dialect.

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