Cluster Eye Tribe (book)

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The Cluster Eye Tribe
Cluster Eye Tribe (book) cover.jpg
Author(s) Dave Allen, Pádraig Murphy
Editor(s) Sine Quinn, Christopher Walz
Cover Artist Yugin Maffoli
Illustrator(s) Yugin Maffoli, Ralph Horsley
Released June 2021
Pages 19

The Cluster Eye Tribe is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd that describes the Cluster Eye Tribe.


  • How to use this book, pg. 3
  • Old Weirde Incunabulum, pg. 4
  • Creature Advancement Templates, pg. 8
  • Terrors of the Drakwald, pg. 10
  • Disposition of Vish's Warband, pg. 11
  • The Cluster Eye Tribe, pg. 12
  • Careful What You Vish For, pg. 15
  • Encounters with Vish's Warband, pg. 16
  • Trait Summary, pg. 19


Deep in the Drakwald forest, beyond remote and wary forester’s villages, past the roving herds of Beastmen, and the trails of nameless creatures lies the Black Pit, secret and sacred lair of Night Goblins. Around them lies the territory of the Cluster-Eye Tribe, a confederation of Forest Goblin warbands who deal with the Black Pit for precious iron weaponry. Those few who know of this corner of the Drakwald avoid it at all costs, for Cluster-Eye warbands rove its perimeter to find captives, leading them off into the night to pay their debts to the Black Pit.

~ The Cluster Eye Tribe.[1]