Elector Count of Hochland

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The Elector Count of Hochland is the ruler of Hochland, a province of The Empire. This noble title is usually passed on in a hereditary fashion, and the succeeding counts have wielded Goblin Bane, one of the twelve Runefangs, as a badge of office. The Count of Hochland is also one of the fifteen Electors who cast a ballot in the election of a new Emperor. They hold court in a palace near the town of Hergig, Hochland's capital.Needs Citation

Known Elector Counts

known rulers of Hochland
name reign notes sources
Aloyis unclear, around 0 IC king of the Cherusens The Life of Sigmar, Needs Citation
The Empire at War, Chapter Unity of Forces - The Battle of Black Fire Pass
? Auerbach unclear, around 1023 IC Female ruler Sigmar's Heirs, pg. 16
Mikael Ludenhof unclear, during the Crusades defeated and killed Gorthor, a ferocious Bray-Shaman Warhammer Armies: Champions of Chaos (4th Edition), pgs. 46, 47, 48
Warhammer Armies: Beastmen (7th Edition), pgs. 28, 29, 30, 31
Aldebrand Ludenhof ? - 2525 current ruler Uniforms & Heraldry of The Empire, pg. 9
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (4th Edition), pg. 72
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (6th Edition), pg. 49
Warhammer Armies: The Empire (7th Edition), pg. 22
Warhammer: Nagash, pg. 193

Another previous Elector Countess was the Baroness Hildegarde Tussen-Hochen[1]

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