Aldebrand Ludenhof

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Aldebrand Ludenhof, formally titled Elector Count Aldebrand Ludenhof, Grand Baron of Hochland, Marshal of the Talabec Reach, Defender of the Shrines, and Baron of Hergig[1] was an Elector Count of Hochland [2][3][4a][5].

A rather unimposing figure, being very tall and thin, the count was surprisingly strong. He held his court at his palace located near Hergig, Hochland's capital at the time. He had a veritable passion for hunting and hawking, to such an extent that he regularly carried one of his prize hawks into battle.

During the End Times, Ludenhof showed his prowess in battle. He was commanded to guard the middle section of the Auric Bastion. He generally led his army from afar, commanding his troops with a good vantage point on the battle. This may have seemed cowardly, but Ludenhof's tactics invariably worked.[6a] Eventually, he died when he realized Balthasar Gelt had become a necromancer and confronted him.[6b]

He had a son and heir-apparent, named Konrad Ludenhof, who was being tutored by Erasmus of Nuln[4b].