Old World Bestiary

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Old World Bestiary
Old World Bestiary cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) W D Robinson
Cover Artist Christer Sveen
Released 2005
Pages 128
ISBN 1-84416-226-5

Old World Bestiary, A Compendium of Creatures Fair and Foul is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) published by Black Industries.


  • Introduction:
  • Index

The book is divided in two different sections:

The first purports to be the quotes, writings and information collected by the wizard and scholar, Odric of Wurtbad. The entry for each creature is further divided into three sections Common Knowledge- the tales and myths of the common people of the Empire - the sort of information open to adventurers. The second part is Scholar's Eye with the more informed (although not always accurate) quotes and usually the best way to kill them by the Clan Eshin "Scholar" Rikkit'tik. Finally there is Our Own Words which includes comments from members of the relevant race - giving a gamesmaster an insight into creature.

The second section contains the statistics and special rules for each creature.


When the Old Ones first crafted their Gates from the substance of stars, I was there to assist their labour. Down the long ages I have come, watching the rise and fall of you lesser races and your civilisations. I've laid waste to knights and cities, burned fields and routed armies in my years. I could tell you much of the world that you have forgotten and more that you never knew, but I think not. You and yours are suited for nothing more than to provide me with amusement and the occasional graceful bauble for my lair. I see little else worthwhile about you.

~ Brinrairdih oft-called "The Storm that Roars. An ancient dragon.