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Penthesilea is a renowned Amazon warrior in Lustria. [1a]

She led the first successful raid on the Norse that had settled on the coast of Lustria and quickly became feared by the male warriors. [1a]


Following the capture of a number of Amazons by Norse warriors raiding out of the settlement of Skeggi, she led a warband to attack the settlement. At night, Penthesilea and her warriors silently invaded the timber halls and slew the guards of the captives. As they retreated, Jarl Sigursen the Impaler, who had led the original raid attacked them. Despite the power of the giant of a man, Penthesilea killed him in single combat, displaying his severed head to his warriors which broke their morale, causing them to flee. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

Penthesilea is armed with a Star Blade, Star Sword and wears both Enchanted Skins and the Amulet of the Moon. The heads of human males she has slain often hang from her belt. [1a]

She bears the Mark of the Serpent as a magical tattoo which increases her speed and agility. [1a]


I am the hunter and you are my prey

~ Penthesilea.[1a]


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