Karra Lakota

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Karra Lakota is a former Kalim Devout of the Amazon Sisterhood. [1a]


At the age of 25 she left her home and joined the Kalim Devouts which she found exhausting, miserable and unrelenting and often came into conflict with her superiors. She was rewarded with punishment and even more hours of work. Karra was contacted by a subversive element within the Sisterhood, the Kalimist faction and became a member. [1a]

Posted to the Rigg's Shrine, she was part of a plot to blow up the queen but long before the visit, the plot was exposed and Karra fled into the jungle, taking a artefact of the temple. [1a]

Eventually she found her way to the port of Iquitos, which she quickly began to hate, especially the Norse men there but found employment as a guard on the vessel of Sven Hasselfriesian, the Voltsvagn. [1a]

She was asleep when Sven set a course for the village of Vastervik and was very unhappy when she awoke and protested but did not want to seem a coward. She was also fond of Sven and wanted to impress Riolta Snow who had joined the group. [1b]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: She is armed with a Bolt Pistol, Sword and Throwing Knives and wears a decorated breastplate. She carries enough bolts for 16 shots with her pistol. [1a]


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