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"I call you out, Magnus, son of Megnin, son of Murbad! Gather your armies if you can, for your head is mine to hew from its neck, just as your grandsire took my father's hand a century hench today!"

+++ Thrundil Barrelbeard, settling an old debt +++[1]

"No Rest until the Blood of Greenskins flows like Dark Ale upon the Earth!"

+++ Josef Bugman +++


"'Nay! Hold! Go Back!' thus spake the Dwarf,
through all the smoke and fire,
'Avaunt! Arroint! Go home! Naf off!
Depart or face my ire!'

Then Danglejaw surveyed the breach
And dragged his body through,
Espied the dwarf and judged his reach
Then bit the fool in two.

+++ Writing on a Memorial for Dumwin Stoutbelly, killed in the siege of Caraz-Lumbar by the giant Grimsmirk Danglejaw[2] +++

"Hi ho hi, it's off to war we go..."

+++ Dwarf Marching Song +++

"Manling coins are like their words: never trust them. Use your weighing scales and keep your axe handy!"

+++ Dwarfen saying[3]+++


"Not that I have anything against senseless violence, manling, but why exactly are you strangling that old man?"

+++ Gotrek Gurnisson, Trollslayer[4]+++

"You ask a lot of questions, Manling. You know what I think? I think you need another drink"

+++ Gotrek Gurnisson at the Battle of Khazad Hurn[8]+++

"Found in Karak Norn, it seems to be the brother of the shard you found. There is great power in this shattered blade."

+++ Barak Grimjaw +++


"Arrows are useless against a castle - you can only win by using heavy wall-breaching equipment, which is why dwarfs are the superior race in siege warfare. If you are the besieger, you can't hit anything worthwhile at all. If you are inside the castle, you might think arrow-fire would be effective from the towers - but which would you prefer to be hit by, a pointy stick or a 30 lb rock?"

+++Berndt Lavaspear: «The Dwarfen Art of War», p5[2]+++

"Oh say does your beard hang low,

does it dangle to and fro,
can you tie it in a knot,
can you tie in a bow,
can you sling it over your shoulder like a silly manling soldier,
oh say does your beard hang low"
+++Longbeard song+++


"Labouring hard with a shovel in the darkness, stoking a massive boiler and bathing in the heat. Life on board an Ironclad, eh? Just like being at home."

+++ 'One-eye' Morgim - Sea Engineer aboard the Legend of Grimnir[5]+++


"We sons of Grungni may have drunk deep from the bitter waters of misfortune, but we yet survive. Whilst a single Dwarf draws breath, we will fight the evils that assail us, and we will never, ever give up."

+++ Hengist Stonebelly, Dwarf Longbeard +++[6]