Dumwin Stoutbelly

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Dumwin Stoutbelly

Dumwin Stoutbelly was the last commander of the Dwarf fortress of Caraz-Lumbar. [1a][1b]


He grew up in the fortress.[1b]

When Karak-Bazik and Zhufbar was besiged, his father Grim Skullhammer took the majority of the garrison to their aid. [1b]

Caraz-Lumbar was then itself assaulted by a Orc and Goblin horde led by Bogrot Stuntybane and although Dumwin led the fierce defence they were finally overwhelmed. [1a]

The ruins are now little more than a pile of battered stones although a memorial was erected on the spot Dumwin died fighting the Giant Grimsmirk Danglejaw and the siege is recalled in the Lay of Lipstrangle. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • 2nd Edition: Crossbow, Hand Weapon, Heavy Armour and Shield. [1b]


Nay! Hold! Go Back! Thus spake the Dwarf. Through all the smoke and fire, Avaunt! Arroint! Go Home! Naff Off! Depart or face my ire! Then Danglejaw surveyed the breach and dragged his body through, espied the Dwarf and judged his reach. Then bit the fool in two.

~ Lay of Lipstrangle depicting the death of Dumwin.[1a]


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