Sword of Vengeance (Novel)

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Sword of Vengeance
Author(s) Chris Wraight
ISBN 978-1-84970-020-7
Preceded by Sword of Justice

Sword of Vengeance is a novel by Chris Wraight, the second in his duology featuring Imperial Knights Ludwig Schwarzhelm and Kurt Helborg.

It was re-published in the omnibus Swords of the Emperor (Omnibus), along with the companion short story Duty and Honour.

Cover Description

Averland burns. An army of cultists rises in the corrupted city of Averheim. Schwarzhelm races to return to the site of his recent battles, evading assassins while trying to discover the truth of the conspiracy that drew him away. But the key to victory lies in the hands of another: the Reiksmarshal Kurt Helborg. With the forces of Chaos on the rise and a foul ritual about to be completed, Helborg is the man who must unite these fractious allies and prevent the Imperial city being lost to an eternity of madness and destruction.

Duty and Honour

A border dispute between The Empire and Bretonnia has descended into war, and a pitched battle between the two nations' armies has ground to a stalemate. That night, a messenger arrives from the Bretonnian Count in command, offering to decide the battle through single combat between him and Helborg. Helborg accepts.

In the furious duel that follows, Helborg is surprised to find himself outmatched. He is one of the greatest swordsmen in the Empire, but the Count is better. After Helborg is disarmed and knocked to the ground, the Court prepares to finish him off, but is stopped when the Imperial artillery opens fire - Helborg used the duel as a distraction to place his artillery and launch a surprise attack. In fury, the Count lashes out at Helborg, who disarms and kills him, before mounting his charger and riding at the head of the Reiksguard to attack the reeling Bretonnians.

In the aftermath of the battle, in which the Empire has been victorious, some of Helborg's advisors express distaste at their dishonourable actions. Helborg, inflexible, reminds them that he is a soldier, and honour is a luxury, but duty never sleeps.

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