The Great Betrayal (Novel)

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The Great Betrayal
Great Betrayal cover.jpg
Author(s) Nick Kyme
Cover Artist Fates Maese
Illustrator(s) Map by Nuala Kennedy
Released 2012
ISBN 978 1 84970 534 9
Followed by Master of Dragons

The Great Betrayal is a novel by Nick Kyme in the Time of Legends series, the first of a trilogy focusing on the War of the Beard.

Cover Description

Thousands of years before the rise of men, the dwarfs and elves are stalwart allies and enjoy a era of unrivalled peace and prosperity. But when dwarf trading caravans are attacked and their merchants slain, the elves are accused of betrayal. Quick to condemn the people of Ulthuan as traitors, the mountain lords nevertheless try to prevent conflict, but the elves' arrogance undoes any chance of reconciliation and war is inevitable. Snorri Halfhand, son of the High King and no particular friend of the elves, is at the vanguard of the war with his cousin Morgrim Blackbeard. At the city of Tor Alessi a vast army stands against the dwarfs. Here Snorri will meet his destiny against the elven King Caledor as the first blow is struck in a conflict that could bring about the fall of two great civilisations.