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Schwert, Pergament & Sanduhr.jpg This article is about the Phoenix King known as "the Warrior".
For other uses of Caledor, see Caledor (disambiguation).
Caledor the Warrior

Caledor II or Caledor the Warrior was the fourth Phoenix King of the High Elves.[1a]

An arrogant king, Caledor II threw away an important ally, and so began the War of Vengeance (known to that lost ally as the War of the Beard).

He reigned from -2198 to -1600 IC.[1a]

Despite his contempt for the Dwarfs, he was fluent in Khazalid.[2]


He had several siblings:


On the death of his father, Caledor I, the Council of Princes choose Caledor to become the fourth Phoenix King; however unlike Caledor I he was bombastic, overweening, and vain, but he was also a powerful and deadly warrior.[1a]

The early years of his reign saw trade routes restablished with the Dwarfs as his fleets drove the Dark Elves from the northern seas.[1a] However Elf raiders began attacking Dwarf caravans, killing all the travellers and stealing their goods, for which the King Gotrek Starbreaker demanded recompense. Caledor dismissed these demands and suggested that might grant a suitable phrased plea which outraged the Dwarfs who now demanded twice the payment. When Caledor IIhad the ambassadors beards shaved off, war was inevitable between the two powerful empires.[1a]

The city of Tor Alessi was besieged and Caledor dispatched a vast army, navy and most importantly Dragons but although they drove the Dwarves back, the war continued.[1a] He led twenty thousand warriors to the site of the old Dwarf mine of Angaz Baragdum where he was confronted by a large force led by Snorri Halfhand. In front of the two armies, the two fought a short duel where Caledor quickly slaughtered the prince with ease. Reinforcements led by Morgrim Bargrum then arrived and so amused by his easy victory and now heavily outnumbered, the Phoenix King withdrew to his waiting ships.[2]

At the fourteenth siege of Tor Alessi, Caledor was cut down by King Gotrek himself who claimed the Phoenix Crown as payment for the grudges incurred and returned home.[1a]


I knew you dwarfs were weak. You are diggers and labourers, not warriors. You have erred here, and you will die for it.

~ Caledor II to Snorri Halfhand.[2]

Notable Events of Caledor II's reign

N.B. All dates are Imperial Calendar equivalents.

Date Events Sources
ca. -2197 Peace settles over Ulthuan. The citizens of Tiranoc and the Shadowlands (what was once Nagarythe) begin to resettle their lands. The people of the Shadowlands take up a nomadic lifestyle. [1b][3]
ca. -2188 Trade resumes with the Dwarfs. [1b][3]
ca. -2005 Dwarf caravans are raided by the Dark Elves. [1b][3]
ca. -2000 Caledor II ignores the Dwarf's call for help. Hostile relations begin to ensue. [1b][3]
ca. -1997 The War of the Beard starts. This will lead to thousands of lives being lost. It rages on until -1601. [1b][3]
ca. -1974 Before returning for the hunting season, Caledor II kills Snorri Halfhand, King Gotrek's son. [1b][3]
ca. -1968 Caledor II's brother Imladrik is killed by Morgrim, Snorri Halfhand's cousin. [1b][3]
ca. -1948 Athel Maraya is destroyed by Dwarfs. [1b][3]
ca. -1602 Caledor II himself journeys to the Old World to see the defeat of the Dwarfs personally. [1b]
ca. -1601 Gotrek Starbreaker kills Caledor II, taking the Phoenix Crown to Karaz-a-Karak. The Dwarfs retreat to their mountain strongholds and declare victory. As a suicidal attack is prepared against Karaz-a-Karak, news arrives from Ulthuan that Malekith had invaded. [1b]
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