WFRP Rulebook (2nd Edition)

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WFRP Rulebook (2nd Edition)
Editor(s) W.D. Robinson
Cover Artist Geoff Taylor
Released 2005
Pages 256
ISBN 978-1-84416-220-8
Preceded by WFRP Rulebook (1st Edition)
Followed by WFRP Rulebook (3rd Edition)

The WFRP Rulebook (2nd Edition) is a the primary rule book and setting guide for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition)


  • Chapter One: Introduction, pg. 4-14
  • Chapter Two: Character Creation, pg. 15-26
  • Chapter Three: Careers, pg. 27-87
  • Chapter Four: Skills and Talents, pg. 88-102
  • Chapter Five: Equipment, pg. 103-123
  • Chapter Six: Combat, Damage and Movement, pg. 124-139
  • Chapter Seven: Magic, pg. 140-169
  • Chapter Eight: Religion and Belief, pg. 170-189
  • Chapter Nine: The Game Master, pg. 190-212
  • Chapter Ten: The Empire, pg. 213-226
  • Chapter Eleven: The Bestiary, pg. 227-235
  • Chapter Twelve: Through the Drakwald, pg. 236-246
  • Designer Notes
  • Index
  • Templates
  • Character Sheet


Archaon may be defeated but the beasts of the Drakwald remain. Woe to the traveller who braves the depths of the forest.

~ Uli, Zealot.