Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri

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Arcane Journal: Kingdom of Bretonnis
Tomb Kings WTOW cover.jpg
Preceded by Warhammer Armies: Tomb Kings (8th Edition)

Arcane Journal: Tomb Kings of Khemri is a sourcebook that describes the rules and history of the Tomb Kings for Warhammer: The Old World.


Expand your Tomb Kings of Khemri army beyond Ravening Hordes with this paperback Arcane Journal, featuring rules for magic items and three heroes of the dead, including the iconic first Tomb King, Settra the Imperishable. You can also theme your army around two Armies of Infamy – Nehekharan Royal Hosts or the Mortuary Cult, each with its own unique units, which have full profiles in the book. You’ll also learn more about the Tomb Kings, their history, and the sinister Land of the Dead from which they hail..

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