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Nekaph is the herald and emissary of the Tomb King Settra.[1c]


It is said that not only was Nekaph not a nobleman but that he was not even born in Nehekhara but his paretns hailed from the barbarian lands to the north of the Great Land. [1c]

When he joined the army, his strength, skill and loyalty to his king were unsurpassed and by the age of 18 he had already been inducted into the Tomb Guard. Two years later he was commander of the royal guard [1c] and in -2390 IC he was named as Settra's champion and herald. In his first year in the post he forces the submission of a dozen cities and the destruction of many more who refuse to bend the knee and slays the King of Bhagar in -2383 IC when he rebels against Setttra. [1b]

He marched at the head of the funeral procession of his lord and was mummified at the right hand side of Settra to serve him in the afterlife. [1a]

Reawakened to serve Settra in undeath he remains his herald, riding from city to city with the legions to recieve their submission to his lord. Although he can no longer speak, his voice is heard echoing in the heads of those he addresses. Should any be so foolish as to resist he will lead the legions in subduing them. [1c]

He found the remains of the legions of King Lakhashar in 483 IC, a single Necrosphinx standing immobile amongst a sea of shattered skuls and broken bones. [1b]


A powerful man in life, reknowned for both his strength and his loyalty he would cave in the skulls of enemies with his bare fist. He was also intelligent and possessed a formidable memory able to recall all the many titles of his master which could take up to two hours to fully recite. [1c]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Flail of Skulls: A powerful magical weapon used by Settra himself in battle, it was given to Nekaph as a symbol of his lords power. [1c]


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