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The Tomb Kings are the long dead rulers of Nehekhara from thousands of years ago. Each city had several dynasties each with several kings and as such there are hundreds of kings vyeing for power now they have all risen from the dead. They would constantly wage war on each other to spread their influence across Nehekhara.

The greatest kings ruled in Khemri, making it the biggest and strongest city in Nehekhara. Certainly the greatest ruler ever to grace the lands of Nehekhara rose here. Settra the Imperishable founded Khemri and conquered the entire empire. He lived far longer than most before he eventually died. He was one of the last to be awoken by Nagash's spell, possibly due to his age, but he immediatly took control of the empire back and commanded all others to return to their tombs.
One of the Tomb Kings.

Each king had a pyramid built for them in the necropolis of their city, adorning it with fine statues they would use in the afterlife. Also buried with them is their kingly chariot and steeds waiting for the day they are called back to the world of life.

The Tomb Kings are revived by the Liche Priests when they are needed to defend an area that Settra cannot get to in time.

Notable Tomb Kings are:

Before the great ritual enacted by Nagash the rulers of the Nehekharan cities were called Priest Kings to reflect how they were chosen by the gods to rule. The term Tomb Kings refers to those Priest Kings reanimated by Nagash's spell.


Tomb Kings
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