Black Mountains

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This map provides some details about the Black Mountains (upper right corner).

The Black Mountains are a large and high mountain chain connecting The Vaults and the Worlds Edge Mountains. Located between The Empire and the wild Border Princes, they belong to neither realm.

The Black Mountains are a considerable obstacle for Greenskin armies wishing to invade and plunder The Empire, who are forced to use the Black Fire Pass, the only reliable route to cross the mountains[1a][2a][3a]. Several battles, among them the decisive Battle of Black Fire Pass, were fought here.

Known features of the Black Mountains (east to west):

  • Black Fire Pass: This pass, used by the Old Dwarf Road, connects The Empire with the Dwarf capital of Karaz-a-Karak[1b][4a]. It also connects with the South Road which leads to Barak Varr and the Border Princes. On the imperial end of the pass lies the town of Grenzstadt.
  • Mount Blackfire
  • Blood Peak
  • Karak Angazbar A Dwarf Hold that also maintain a fortress at the Eastern entrance to Black Fire Pass. [6a]
  • Karak Gantuk: A Dwarf Hold.[6a]
  • Karak Hirn[4b][5]: largest Dwarf hold in the Black Mountains. [6a]
  • Winter's Teeth Pass: This pass connects The Empire with Karak Hirn and the Khyprian Road; nominal border between the Vaults and the Black Mountains.

Several rivers of The Empire begin in the Black Mountains

  • River Sol
  • Upper Reik
  • Blue Reach
  • Aver Reach

Other streams flow southwards into the Border Princes

  • Lodestone River
  • River Treblecz
  • River Stacneck
  • Skull River