The Vaults

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The Vaults

The Vaults are a very high mountain highland, where the Grey Mountains meet the Black Mountains, the Apuccini Mountains and the Irrana Mountains. Belonging de facto to no realm, the Vaults are located between Bretonnia, The Empire, Tilea and the Border Princes.

A few passes cross the Vaults; they are used by mercenaries and merchants, who pay a suitable toll to the fierce mountain clans.[1], who ambush, raid and harry those who refuse to pay. Adventurous tribesmen sometimes sell their services as mercenaries to The Empire.[1][2]

Known Features

  • The Mondidier Pass, connects The Empire with Bretonnia; nominal border between the Vaults and the Grey Mountains.
  • The River of Echoes, apparently a subterranean passage, connects The Empire with Tilea.
  • Located in the southern side lies Karak Izor, a Dwarf stronghold. They explore rich mines of iron, copper, tin and other metals[3].
  • Hidden deep within the Vaults are also three Skaven lairs: [4]:
  • Old Dwarf Pass, connects Tilea with the Border Princes; nominal border between the Vaults and the Irrana Mountains. This pass is used by the Trantio Road which leads to the Khyprian Road.Needs Citation
  • Winter's Teeth Pass [5] connects The Empire with the Border Princes; nominal border between the Vaults and the Black Mountains. This pass connects with the Khyprian Road.
  • Yetzin Valley. [7]


The mountains are also plagued by Orcs & Goblins; the local Necksnappers Tribe is the most important one[6].


Important trade routes cross the Vaults, connecting Tilea with The Empire[5]:

  • Beginning at the Trantio Road, which leads through Old Dwarf Pass. Entering the Khyprian Road and leaving it halfway turning north towards the Black Mountains. Trading with the Dwarfs of Karak Hirn and paying them a toll to use Winter's Teeth Pass arriving in The Empire.
  • An alternative route follows the Khyprian Road to the end in order to trade in the Border Princes. At the end it turns north and changes to the South Road which leads to the Old Dwarf Road, which crosses the Black Mountains through the Black Fire Pass, ending in The Empire.

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