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The Dreamwalkers hunt Necromancers and the Undead across the Old World. [1a]


The first Dreamwalkers were Bartolf, a Priest of Morr. Hieronymus, an experienced mercenary and Philomelia von Hagendorf variously described as an actress, whore, and thief. Forming their group in 1681 IC after the they each recieved prophetic dreams shortly before the Night of the Restless Dead which urged them to travel to a tavern in Hochland. Following that nights terrible events, they split up again and gathered their own followers, still guided by dreams from Morr. [1a]

During the wars against the Vampire Counts their warnings were ignored and when they tried to act themselves they were killed or worse. [1a]

In 2009 IC, Elisinda the Black, a priestess of Morr recieved dreams that led her against the vampires, returning from Sylvania with the head of Benedicta von Carstein, once a Dreamwalker herself. With her influence the temple of Morr recognised the Dreamwalkers as a group chosen by the god to fight the undead. Elisinda would later die at the Siege of Altdorf in 2051 IC. [1a]


Although they fight against all forms of undead, they seek to eliminate those who create them - especially Necromancers. Although they have some standing with the Cult of Morr they have no official standing as Witch Hunters do. [1a]


  • Benedicta the Radiant: Former mercenary who disappeared in Sylvania and would later become a vampire herself. [1a]


The Dreamwalkers operate in small independant bands, guided by propehtic dreams although they also do share information and resources with other bands. The largest band recorded had twelve members but more than six members is unusual. Dreamwalkers who survive for some time often become initiates or templars of the Cult of Morr. [1a]

Most Dreamwalkers favour black clothing and wear at least one symbol of their patron god. [1a]

Priests of Morr and occassionally magisters of the Amethyst Order can be members of a band. A dreamwalker is entitled to free accomodation in a temple of Morr and the band must maintain a base where reports can be sent. They may also seek aid and reports from other Dreamwalker bands. [1a]

Some bands maintain good relations with Witch Hunters. [1a]


Dreamwalkers who use the Divine Lore of their god may grant the ability to invoke the Guiding Dream which grants them a dream telling them what the god wishes them to do (although not why). [1a]