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Lakemen lurking[1]

Lakemen are a distinct breed of semi-aquatic Beastmen which inhabit the Lyonen region of the Forest of Arden.[1]


Distinguished by their vaguely amphibian appearance, each Lakeman has pincers in lieu of hands, gills enabling them to breathe underwater, and often sport faces reminiscent of frogs. Beyond these shared traits, Lakemen exhibit a heightened level of variability compared to their already-chaotic Beastmen counterparts, each possessing at least one additional mutation.[1]

Lakemen prefer stealthy water-based ambushes, using the element of surprise to attack the unaware. Despite their amphibious attributes, aside from their gills they do not display superior aquatic prowess compared to other skilled swimmers. While both Lakemen and Beastmen share a violent, bloodthirsty nature and are capable of communicating in the Dark Tongue, these two factions have never been observed cooperating. In fact, instances of them engaging in inexplicable conflicts with each other have been documented, with no apparent reason discernible.[1]


The Lakemen's natural habitat lies in the southern reaches of the Bretonnian province of Lyonesse, which is characterized by a network of small rivers that frequently expand into lakes. Where the Forest of Arden extends into southern Lyonesse, the rivers and lakes persist, and along the border with cursed Mousillon turn to true marshes. The region features islands hosting small villages where Humans strive to resist the encroaching threat of Beastmen, particularly the Lakemen.[1]