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A list of things to do to get the Lexicanum up-to-date, divided by various settings. These are organized by order of priority.


  • Remove all the -- style="background:#8C7154" in table lists.
  • Replace all " ’ " with " ' ".
  • Remove all examples of double spacing.
  • Add year of release to all Battletomes in the sources.
  • Preparation for the Split:
    • Some Articles need to be split: DONE
  • After the split:
    • Reorganize categories. Check the category page for bad categories
    • Move most images categories into artwork categories.
    • Remove "of the Mortal Realms" and "Age of Sigmar" from most categories and articles names.
    • Create more navigation templates.
    • Check the wanted articles list to create redirects and remove typos.
    • Remove "AoS" from the title of certain miniature images.
    • Delete all AoS articles in WHFB wiki.
    • Recreate templates like WIP or Stubs.

Fantasy Battles - World-That-Was

Wanted Images


  • Upload images of the miniatures.