Salzenmund (book)

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Salzenmund City of Salt and Silver
Salzenmund cover.jpg
Author(s) Dave Allen, Samuel Poots, Anthony Ragan, Simon Wileman
Editor(s) Brian Johnson
Cover Artist JG O’Donoghue
Illustrator(s) Jared Blando, Benoît Blary, Alessandro Boer, Andreas von Cotta-Schønberg, Ralph Horsley, Dániel Kovács,

Kyle Latino, Yugin Maffioli, Sam Manley, JG O’Donoghue, Scott Purdy

Released 2022
Pages 142

Salzenmund: City of Salt and Silver is a comprehensive sourcebook on the city of Salzenmund for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition).


  • Welcome to Salzenmund: The story of Salzenmund and its place in the Empire today, pg. 6
  • A Visitors Guide: Everything you need to plan a trip to the city, pg. 39
  • The Zinnentor: Nordland’s seat of power and the city’s busiest districts, pg. 44
  • Ulricshohe: The Temple of Ulric, the markets and the Norscan slums, pg. 58
  • Gnistreberg: The entrance to the city and the place for the dead, pg. 68
  • Walcheberg: The Temples of Manann and Sigmar and the inland seaport, pg. 75
  • Seeufer: The ruined ward, pg. 87
  • Outside the Walls: Sites of significance beyond the city walls, pg. 88
  • Secrets of Salzenmund: Strange goings-on behind the scenes of the city and its surroundings, pg. 95
  • The Grand Barony of Nordland, pg. 102
  • Rogue Forest Spirits: Spites and their wayward manners, pg. 115
  • Mining in the Empire, pg. 123
  • Da Shiny Moon Tribe: Night Goblins haunt the Silver Hills, pg. 128
  • Smuggling: Trade without the taxes — what could go wrong?, pg. 138
  • Nordlander Characters, pg. 142
  • Index, pg. 143


We don’t have the palaces of Altdorf, the arrogance of Middenheim, or the perfumed fops of Nuln, but we’ve got our pride. From the roughest flophouse on the Ormsdeep shore to the top of Castle Salzenmund, we’re a city of fighters. And we say what we mean.

~ Sergeant Astrid Hildbein, Jarlstor Guard..