The Horned Rat Companion

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The Horned Rat Companion
Horned Rat Companion cover.jpg
Editor(s) Sine Quinn, Christopher Walz
Released June 2021
Pages 125

The Horned Rat Companion is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (4th Edition) by Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.


  • Chapter 1: The History of the Skaven, pg. 5
  • Chapter 2: The Multitudinous Clans, pg. 15
  • Chapter 3: Skaven Armoury, pg. 32
  • Chapter 4: Skaven Magic, pg. 41
  • Chapter 5: Skaven Bestiary, pg. 50
  • Chapter 6: The Apprentice, pg. 53
  • Chapter 7: The Skaven Conspiracy, pg. 56
  • Chapter 8: The Yellow Fang, pg. 59
  • Chapter 9: A Guide to the Middle Mountains, pg. 65
  • Chapter 10: Brass Keep, pg. 74
  • Chapter 11: Chance Acquaintances, pg. 78
  • Chapter 12: Dwarf Ironbreaker, pg. 81
  • Chapter 13: A little help from my (new) Friends, pg. 83
  • Chapter 14: Horror in the Darkness, pg. 96
  • Chapter 15: The Return of the Gravelord, pg. 104


The Skaven? Why there’s no such thing, and the blighters kill anyone who says otherwise. Were I you I’d keep myself to myself and stay far away from any who speak of them, further still from the creatures themselves. They are no cousin to the Beastmen of the wild woods as some would have you believe, but an separate class of entity entirely. Terrible machines they have, that gnaw away at the roots of the Old World. Their magics are more cursed even that the foulest witchery, and loyalty is a thing unheard of among them. They would eat their own kin if it would benefit them in the slightest, so just imagine what they would do to you or I.

~ Sofia von Hassenburg.[1]