Middle Mountains

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The Middle Mountains are located on the north-west (upper-left corner).

The Middle Mountains are a mountain range in The Empire. The greater part of the mountains are located in Ostland, but some portions lie within the boundaries of Hochland and Middenland.

Covered by dense forests, the mountains are the home of several tribes of Forest Goblins and Beastmen. The imperial control over these mountains is tenuous at the best of times.

Known features

  • Nordberg: Highest mountain of the Middle Mountains [1]
  • Flamespire: Mountain, home of namesake Chimera.[2]
  • Brass Keep: An imperial fortress located deep within the mountains which recently fell into the hands of Chaos warriors [3][1][4]
  • Middenheim: City of the White Wolf, located on the south-western tip of the Middle Mountains[4]
  • Wolfenburg: Provincial capital of Ostland; located in the south-eastern foothills of the Middle Mountains [3][4][5a][6]
  • Castle Lenkster is an Ostland Citadel south of Wolfenburg[7]
  • Mierack is an Ostland town high in the North East of the Middle Mountains.[7]

Two important rivers are located in the Middle Mountains.

  • The river Wolf's Run begins near Wolfenburg, while Drakwasser is located a bit further east. Both rivers flow into the river Talabec, carrying dark soil which is later deposited in Altdorf[3][5a][5b]