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The Apuccini Mountains

The Apuccinis (also spelled “Appucini”[5], “Appuccini”[4], and “Puccini”[7a]) are a series of thickly wooded peaks.[1a]

They shelter Tilea from the Border Princes.


They are largely uninhabited except by bandits, Goblins, and more evil creatures,[1a] especially in the heavily forested foothills. [1b]


There is a pass in the southern portion between Tilea and the Border Princes that may be named after Nahmud, the Dark Maiden.[Conflicting Sources]


The Apuccini Mountains are the fantasy equivalent of the Italian Appennine Mountains, the name instead is probably a tribute to Giacomo Puccini an Italian composer known primarily for his operas. His most renowned works are La bohème (1896), Tosca (1900), Madama Butterfly (1904), and Turandot (1924), all of which are among the most frequently performed and recorded of all operas.

Conflicting Sources

The pass is named “Dark Maiden Pass”[9], ”Stretto Pass”,[10][11] or both. The former is the original name, while the latter became popular because of the unofficial maps of “Mad Alfred” Nuñez.[12][13]