Tome of Salvation

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Tome of Salvation
Tome of Salvation cover.JPG
Editor(s) Roberr Clark and Rob vaurn
Cover Artist Ralph Horsley
Illustrator(s) Scott Altmann, Alex Boyd, Tyshan Carey, Paul Dainton, Chris Dien,Vincent Dutrait, Carl Frank, Dave Gallagher, Paul Herbert, Eric Lofgren, Par Loboyko, Kenson Low, Andrew Murray, Torstein Nordstrand, William O'Connor, Eric Pollak, Scott Purdy, David Rabine, Adrian Smith, Christophe Swal, Chris Trevas, Franz Vohwinkel, Ben Wootten
Released 2007
Pages 251
ISBN 978-1-84416-314-4

Tome of Salvation: is a supplement for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition) published by Black Industries. it's primary focus is on the multifaceted polytheistic beliefs of the Old World, going into detail about the many orders and dieties that are venerated among the people.



Never have I encountered a supposedly civilised nation where religion and superstition directly control almost every level of thinking. The Empire is as much ruled by the representatives of its Gods as it is by its nobles, and that can make truth a dangerous commodity to own.

~Attributed to High Loremaster Teclis of Ulthuan.[1a]