Rivers of The Empire

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A map of the the Reik river system. Arguably the most important river system of the Old World.

The Empire is blessed by several powerful, large and important rivers which have political, economic, military and cultural importance.

Most important rivers of The Empire

  • Sol: The river Sol begins in The Vaults[1a] and in former times the river was the border between Wissenland and the lost province of Solland, which was named after the river. On its way northwards the Sol passes near Pfeildorf, where it meets the Upper Reik.
  • Upper Reik: The Upper Reik begins in the Black Mountains and it flows into the north-east. At Pfleildorf, the Upper Reik and the Sol meet and merge, forming the powerful river Reik.
  • Blue Reach: The Blue Reach springs in Worlds Edge Mountains. On its way northwards it meets the Aver Reach.
  • Aver Reach: Like the Blue Reach the Aver Reach begins in the Worlds Edge Mountains. The two rivers meet in The Moot, where they merge and form the river Aver[1a].
  • Aver: Beginning in The Moot, the Aver flows westwards. It meets and joins the Reik in the city of Nuln. The province of Averland is named after this river.
  • Stir: The Stir begins in the World Edge Mountains. A very large river, it is the border between Talabecland and Stirland[1a], which is named after it. Flowing westwards, the Stir meets and flows into the Reik at Kemperbad
  • Lower Talabec: Also beginning in the World Edge Mountains, the Lower Talabec forms a part of the Kislev - The Empire border. On its way northwards it meets the Upper Talabec.
  • Upper Talabec: The Upper Talabec meets and merges with the Lower Talabec at the city of Bechafen creating the Talabec.
  • Urskoy: Originating in Kislev and flowing southwards, the Urskoy flows into the Talabec.
  • Wolf's Run: The Wolf's Run begins in the Middle Mountains and carries rich dark soil into the Talabec[1b].
  • Drakwasser: Also beginning in the Middle Mountains, the Drakwasser also carries rich dark soil into the Talabec[1b].
  • Talabec: Beginning at Bechafen, the Talabec flows eastwards. This river is held sacred to Taal[1b] and the province of Talabecland is named after this river. It flows into the Reik at Altdorf, where it deposits the rich black soil[1b] provided by the Wolf's Run and Drakwasser.
  • Reik: Beginning at Pfeildorf, the mighty Reik is the most important river of The Empire. Connected with several important rivers, it flows northwards towards Marienburg and then into the Sea of Claws. The province of Reikland is named after this river.