Forest of Shadows

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The Forest of Shadows is a large forest that covers much of Ostland in the Empire.[1][2a]

It is confined by the Middle Mountains, the river Talabec and the coast. [1]

The trees of the forest are huge and strangely twisted, covered in great growths of lichen and moss. Many weird types of fungi also grow here. [1][2a]


In 2251 IC, the Wolf Emperor Odo Todmeyer III rode into the forest with his army on campaign against the Beastmen but many migrations from the south had bolstered their numbers. After a series of defeats, he was advised to retreat but refused and was dragged from his horse at the battle known later as the Doom of Odo Todmeyer III. [5a]



  • Luigi Giovanni: The reclusive Master Engineer has his workshop deep at the heart of the forest. [3]
  • Melkhior established a fortess for himself in the forest where he carried our horrific experiments on the living, occasionally venturing forth with small armies to claim new subjects. [4a]