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Harmis Detz is a soldier in the army of Prince Faramond, ruler of Khypris in the Border Princes. [1a]


Brown haired with grey eyes, he is short but powerfully built, his face pockmarked from a childhood disease. [1a]


Like his brother Lavarok, he was born within the city walls, sons of a servant in the Prince's stables. [1a]

Harmis joined the army at 18, spending the next 15 years and becoming a seasoned and acomplished veteran. [1a]


Harmis is loyal but he has learnt that impulsive men get killed and so he weighs up every decision he has to make. His fellow soliders find him cold and uncommunicative. [1a]

Weapons and Equipment

  • WFRP 1st: Leather Armour, Shield, Sword, Throwing Knives. Mounted on a Horse. [1a]


All that I know, is that I know too little. What skill and strength I have, I use - and where less honest power is concerened, I must trust to the luck which the gods award me.

~ Harmis Detz. [1a]


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