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Myrmidens is a city nestled along the shores of the Lagoon of Tears in the Border Princes. [1]

Myrmidens, also referred to as Myrmiden, stands as a bustling city established by Tilean expatriates from Luccini generations ago, now thriving as a hub for mercenaries and traders alike.[1]

This sprawling cliffside port settlement is among the foremost settlements of the Black Peninsula, where its enterprising merchants and seasoned captains venture forth to engage passing fleets in lucrative ventures.[1]


The story of Myrmidens's inclusion in Warhammer Fantasy lore is truly unique.[2][3]

This city was conceived by Alfred Nuñez Jr., a freelance writer contracted over the years by Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay teams collaborating on the Warhammer Fantasy IP owned by Games Workshop. Myrmidens was just one of many creations Alfred crafted for his own enjoyment, later finding its way into canonized material without his knowledge, courtesy of other staff members. Despite never developing a narrative specifically for the settlement, Alfred envisioned it as a city inspired by the Greek city-states. However, in 2024, with the release of Warhammer: The Old World, Graham McNeill penned a novel that mentioned the city with these exact words: "It took the better part of the first day’s travel before the fleet reached the mouth of the lagoon, sailing past the sprawling cliffport of Myrmidens, a raucous city founded by exiles from Luccini many years ago and which now served as a marketplace for sellswords."[1][2][3]

This segment of lore originated from a member of the Warhammer community and remained unpublished in official materials. It was noted as an excerpt from the manual: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd Edition): Renegade Crowns, although the manual itself does not make any mention of the city. Thus, this snippet of lore stands as the only documented case of fan-crafted background subsequently added to Warhammer lore through official channels.[2][3]

Notably, Luccini draws deliberate inspiration from the Acropolis of Athens, maintaining a thread of fidelity to the original creator's vision for the city.[2][3]


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