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Khypris is a city-state in the Border Princes. [1a]


It was built in fertile land created by the waters of the river known as the Tana Dante which formed the northern and western border whilst to the south is a dry, stony desert and to the east broken mountain crags. This location means that its inhabitants are relatively prosperous but has meant its rulers have often looked to expand their tiny empire and have claimed less fertile land to the north and west. [1a]

However, the foothills of the Black Mountains to the north and west are inhabited by the tribes of the Zani who war amongst themselves as well as raiding poor farmers who struggle to produce beets, cabbages and turnips. On occasion a warlord of the Zani has united the tribes to lead them into the lowlands, driving back the armies of Khypris across the river. [1a]


The livery of the soldiers under Prince Faramond is claret and gold. [1b]



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